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Welcome to Brussels Muzieque, your gateway to exceptional musical experiences in the heart of Belgium. We are delighted to announce that our upcoming 2023-2024 season is just around the corner, promising a wealth of extraordinary performances and unforgettable moments.

As a prelude to this exciting season, we are thrilled to present two high-profile concerts that have already been pre-launched. First, join us for Mischa Maisky's 75th-anniversary concert, where this legendary cellist will grace our stage with his mesmerizing artistry and profound musicality. It is a rare opportunity to witness a true master at work.

Additionally, we invite you to experience the enchanting collaboration between the world-renowned Jerusalem Quartet and Brussels Muzieque's exceptional artists as they perform Mendelssohn's majestic octet. Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary synergy and unparalleled musicality that will fill the air during this remarkable performance.

Looking back at our previous season, 2022-2023, we are immensely proud of the variety, quality, and success that marked our concerts. Collaborating with esteemed theaters and organizers, we presented an array of captivating performances that left audiences spellbound. From the raw emotional power of cello duos by Geminiani, Boccherini, and the world premiere of Walter Hus's cello duo cycle, to the groundbreaking Unorthodox Quartet's exceptional rendition of classical masterpieces at the illustrious La Fenice Theater in Venice, each concert was a remarkable musical journey and be part of the magic that is Brussels Muzieque.

Our partnership with the Citizens' Garden Concerts of the European Parliament brought forth exquisite string quintets, including Schubert's profound masterpiece performed by Sylvia Huang, Misako Akama, Monika Mlynarczyk, Stéphanie Huang, and Eduardo Tonietto. The series of clarinet trios showcased exceptional musicianship, as Maura Marinucci, Nadja Nevolovitsch, and Monika Dars transported us through a repertoire rich in rhythm, melody, and emotion.

The piano trios, featuring Lily Maisky, Misako Akama, and Eduardo Tonietto, offered unforgettable interpretations of Brahms and Shostakovich, while the harp, flute, and viola trios took us on a dreamlike journey with the impressionistic compositions of Debussy, Bax, Rota, and Prokofiev.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners, including the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Cercle Gaulois, Full Circle Ideas, the Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels, the Festival Galuppi in Venice, Le Baixu in Brussels, and other esteemed institutions, for their collaboration and support in bringing these exceptional concerts to life.

Stay tuned as we unveil our upcoming 2023-2024 season, filled with extraordinary performances that will captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. We invite you to join us on this remarkable musical journey and be part of the magic that is Brussels Muzieque.

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