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About us


This ensemble is part of the Brussels Muzieque platform, a versatile collaborative music platform based in the capital of Europe, which works with artists carefully selected from international prize winners, including participants of the esteemed Queen Elisabeth competition, as well as concertmasters and soloists from renowned Belgian and European orchestras.

The Chamber Jazz Consort delivers a mesmerizing and dynamic performance, skillfully blending the richness and elegance of classical string music with the intricate rhythms and melodic complexities of jazz. Their repertoire encompasses a diverse range of pieces, spanning from traditional swing compositions to modern and contemporary jazz.

The ensemble operates as a collective, showcasing various formations such as trios, quintets, and even larger ensembles. In its trio formation, the group features accomplished musicians who excel in both classical and jazz music. Oene van Geel, an award-winning jazz violinist, infuses the ensemble with his distinct style and approach. Eduardo Tonietto, a cellist and artistic director of Brussels Muzieque, contributes his exceptional skills and experience to the ensemble's composition. Anton Jakimenko brings forth his own influences from both the classical and jazz genres.

As a quintet, the ensemble expands its lineup with the addition of two violinists. Sarah Oates, concertmaster of the Ballet Orchestra Amsterdam, and Nadja Nevolovitsch, Concertmaster of the Brussels Philharmonic, join the group, further enriching its musical prowess.

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