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Lars Danielsson & Chamber Jazz Consort

Welcome to an extraordinary musical journey brought to you by Lars Danielsson and the Chamber Jazz Consort, a Brussels Muzieque project. This project represents the fusion of Danielsson’s innovative jazz legacy with the distinctive classical-jazz brilliance of the Chamber Jazz Consort, promising an unparalleled concert experience.

A Legacy of Innovation

Lars Danielsson, celebrated for his innovative spirit and storied legacy, embarks on a new musical adventure following the resounding success of 'Symphonized.' In 'Symphonized,' Danielsson masterfully intertwined orchestral majesty with jazz subtleties. Now, this novel collaboration with the Chamber Jazz Consort emerges as a natural progression, blending his seminal compositions with the nuances of chamber music.

A Journey of Musical Mastery

Danielsson's musical journey from mastering the classical cello in Gothenburg to becoming a renowned jazz bassist epitomizes his penchant for pushing musical boundaries. This concert amplifies his spirit of discovery. Not only is Danielsson pivotal in composition, but he also plays an active role in the ensemble, joining a string quintet and clarinet to create a sound that resonates with his dual heritage of classical finesse and jazz dynamism.

Dirk Van Meirvenne - production manager
Anton Jakimenko
Sarah Oates
Nadja Nevolovitsch
Lars Danielsson
Oene van Geel
Eduardo Tonietto

Chamber Jazz Consort:

A Mesmerizing Ensemble

The ensemble operates as a versatile collective, presenting performances in various formations such as trios, quintets, and even larger ensembles. This dynamic group features accomplished musicians who excel in both classical and jazz music, creating a rich and captivating musical experience.

Oene van Geel is an award-winning jazz violinist known for his distinct style and innovative approach. Eduardo Tonietto, a prominent cellist and artistic director of Brussels Muzieque, contributes his exceptional skills and infuses the ensemble with the rich heritage of Brazilian music. Anton Jakimenko adds his unique blend of classical and jazz influences, further enriching the group's sound.

The ensemble also boasts the talents of Sarah Oates, concertmaster of the Ballet Orchestra Amsterdam, whose leadership and musicality are pivotal to the group's performances. Nadja Nevolovitch, a violin professor at the Musikhochschule of Cologne, elevates the music with her exceptional expressiveness and virtuosity, particularly in the realm of high classical violin playing.Together, these musicians create a mesmerizing blend of classical and jazz, captivating audiences with their exceptional talent and synergy.

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