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Trios by Bach, Schubert and Dohnányi.

violin - Nadja Nevolovitsch

viola - Mihai Cocea

cello -Dmitry Silvian




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Due to an injury of one of the musicians, the original sextet program will be replaced by a string trio.

The original sextet program, however, will just be postponed within our coming monthly season;

more info about it coming soon.


Milhaud, suite Op. 157b
Brahms, sonata op 120 (1st mov)
Bruch, 3 of the '8 pieces' Op.83
Liszt, 'Sonetto 104 del Petrarca'
Stravinsky, 'Histoire du Soldat' 

clarinet - Maura Marinucci

violin - Nadja Nevolovitsch

piano - Monika Dars

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